Not All Budgets Are Created Equally

The first step in trying to save for what the experts call “financial freedom,” is getting that budget back in line. We all know the story, live within your means and you will be good to go! Much like attempting to avoid that triple layer chocolate cake, it is much easier said than done.

Everyone flubs, I flub more times than I care to admit – don’t tell my boyfriend, I must keep my perfect image intact. But with a structured budget it gets much easier to get back in line when mishaps do occur. Since I am all for saving money and time so you can use it on something much more important, I will say that I do not think it is necessary to go out and buy any books on budgeting or even hire someone to do that for you. If I, Heather Lambert, can do it from using good ol’ Google, than you can too.

Now, let’s realize, there are SO MANY, and I repeat, SO MANY different budgeting ideas out there. That’s why I tell you, not all budgets are created equally. You could seriously sit for hours searching the net and reading books on how to create the perfect budget. When I first started on my journey of making one income work, I attempted to create my own personal budget by taking what was brought home each month and deducting “bills” and then saying, “Alright, the rest is mine! Mwahahaha!” can't affordThen I realized, that wasn’t going to cut it because then things got very overwhelming. Ever get that feeling? You did your budget only to find at the end of the month something came up and now you must choose, between the dog or the cat?! Personally I’d choose the dog but to each their own. Now, let’s get back on track >>>

The first outlined budget system I utilized for my household was the “50/30/20 budget fix.” [May I interject once again, use your resources people! Simply google search budget help and voila! Oh the FREE help that comes up] Now, this idea worked for me for a little bit, but then the wants overcame the needs, and the savings ended up getting depleted, and everything kind of fell into a big fiery mess. So then, I found a much simpler idea. “The 60% Solution” created by Richard Jenkins. It was perfect! – or so I thought. I got out my checkbook and started restructuring my budget to get everything to fit into the 60/40 rule. This ended up being too much stress as well. I finally thought, what in the world Heather, get yourself together and stick to a darn budget already.

That’s when the light came at the end of the tunnel and I was like, alright then, let’s get down to business with the 60/40 rule “Heather Style!” (Anyone else have “Gangnam Style” playing in their heads now? My apologies). Again, not all budgets are created equally. This style that is working for my household may not work for anyone else. Heck, I don’t even know what my style is. The point here is to find a system that you think could work for you and tweak it! Go from thinking it could work, to making it happen. Once your budget is on track, then we can start getting into more ways to save for vacations and retirements.

Write your budget in your checkbook, keep it in excel, create some fancy shmancy document somewhere, the point is to have one and have it readily available so you can know where your money is going! Am I right or am I right?! Anyone, else have some budgeting styles that works or didn’t work for them? Or some advice for those who may be struggling to keep on budget? Please share! Sharing is caring!


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