Let’s Go Shopping!

But not that kind of shopping, sorry ya’ll. We’re talking about grocery shopping. Dun dun dun! For me, grocery shopping is a dreaded activity. If I had one magical power, it would be to snap my fingers and have a fully stocked fridge.

For my family of 3 and our not so puppy pitbull, we are spending around $50-$60 a week for grocery shopping. This used to be $150 a week. Cutting $100 was the biggest challenge ever. Think it can’t be done? Don’t worry, sometimes I wonder how I do it too.

Let me share with you some tips. First, I have had to seriously pay attention to store sales. Anyone else think what a tedious task that is? For me, I have nine stores that I need to compare prices to. In the beginning, I was so overwhelmed! I was spending hours working on the grocery list. My boyfriend would be yelling at me, “Heather who cares just go to Wal-mart, they’re known for low prices all the time!” I would sit at the dinner table and lay out all the ads and try to figure out, is this a good deal or is that? I figured, if it was in the sales ad it MUST be a good deal. I was wrong. So learn from my first mistake. Luckily, there are plenty of websites that are helpful in determining good sales prices. My favorite is at GrocerySmarts. So easy! You go to the site, enter in your state and it breaks down the sales for you! Seriously, talk about a timesaver! Just think, what could you do with that extra time? I say, NAPTIME!

The second tip, is yes, if you can, get into couponing. Plenty of bloggers have posted great tips for beginners. You don’t have to get too  – or you can – get down with your bad self if you like! I have gotten some serious savings from couponing and like to incorporate it into my weekly shopping trips. .90 eachThis picture to the left is an example of a recent trip I did. Nothing too “cray cray” but at $0.90 for each item, I was happy! Biggest tip if you do decide to go after couponing, don’t go after every deal from the very beginning. More on this later! Just make sure you create your budget accordingly and follow it. Join groups on Facebook, find #extremecouponers on Instagram, and follow bloggers. I’m not going to lie, it will take some time to save money at the grocery stores but in the end it’s worth it. What would you do with that extra $100 you could possible save on groceries every week?! Let me know!

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