Attempting Structure Amongst the Chaos

Oh Mondays, why must you torture me?! ambitionFor me, Mondays are my week beginnings. My time to say, this week will be different. This week I will get those tasks done, this week I will be the most amazing mom ever, this week I will not procrastinate on homework, this week I will….and the list goes on. But is THIS actually the week? From a life coach’s perspective maybe. From a realistic full-time Family Manager (aka mommy and household coordinator) perspective, probably not.

When I say it’s time to gain structure amongst the chaos, I mean it’s time to get me, myself, and I all on the same page for once. Do you struggle with this? I’m going to let you in on a little secret, you ready? I am extremely scatter brained. Phew! Okay it’s out there. Now that you know that, you can correctly assume that I am that type to work on project A, see a butterfly, and zip off to project C because I completely forgot what project B was.

This is why, much like air and H20, I need a daily planner and a giant whiteboard in my life. It helps me to gain somewhat of a structure amongst the chaos of everyday happenings. I say somewhat because the planner and whiteboard aren’t exactly my be all end all. PLANSMy whiteboard, as you can see, is outlined to help me with a “daily schedule,” important appointments, grocery list, and the weekly meal plan. My planner is for everything else that needs to be remembered. I have a smartphone, but unlike everyone else in the world, I can’t seem to use it to keep my chaos grounded. I tried and I failed numerous of times. This is why I’m stuck in the Stone Age (speaking of Stone Age, has anyone seen The Croods? Was that Stone Age? I don’t know, good movie though either way) with pencil and paper, but I can say I moved up a bit because I’m using fancy whiteboard markers.

Today’s recommendation to save time is to focus on a schedule or plan for every day or maybe just the week. If you want to get started, start today! You don’t need anything fancy. In fact, I got my planner at Goodwill – brand new – for $0.50 and the whiteboard was tossed out from my mom. You can even check online for certain places have diy planner templates! Just know, much like you need a budget to ensure you are spending wisely, you need a plan to make sure you’re staying on top of things and not WASTING time where it doesn’t need to be wasted. This is especially important for parents! I talked with a few of my mommy friends today, some of them Family Managers like myself, others work for big companies, and we all agreed that a schedule is necessary. Now, let’s make sure I am clear. A schedule is more like an outline and shouldn’t really be set in stone. If you tried to do that, I think you’d possibly go crazy. Or at least I would. When my son was first born, I promised myself that he would have structure so I needed a schedule and I enforced that everyone who watched him stuck to that schedule. I was like a schedule sergeant – ask anyone, it was pretty scary! Now that he’s almost 2, I’m realizing I can’t be as strict with him. His happiness comes first and then all the other stuff. We have a schedule but I am lenient. Some days things just don’t work out and I have to say okay and push it off until the next day, or the next, or the next. Especially now with 10 weeks left of pregnancy number 2, most days I just want to sit on the couch and cuddle with my little man while watching Handy Manny. Those days I feel like a failed mom. But then I remember, life goes on and my son is happy so I’m happy. Tomorrow is always a new day to “start over.” Point is, make the most of your time by organizing your chaotic world one way or another, and make sure that if something doesn’t happen accordingly, you breathe, maybe run in place for a bit, and move on. The chaos will always be there but your sanity may not. So, I challenge you, write out your happenings and test out my theory. See if you actually do have more time in your 24-hour period than you realized.

Coffee: Cup of ambition…take twice on Mondays! PHOTO SOURCE


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