Ballin on a Budget – Date Night Style

Can you believe it? Tomorrow is already August 1st! That means, my 6 year anniversary will be less than 15 days away! I’m so very excited but at the same time I’m freaking! What in the world are we going to do? With baby #2 coming in less than – say what?! – 9 weeks, late night dancing is out of the question, and any crazy adventures are definitely a no-no, plus anything that would seriously break a budget is really unspeakable right now.

#TBT back when we were just "Ballin"

#TBT anniversaries away from home!

Since I’m all about spending time and money where it matters most, I think a date night that won’t break the bank AND is with my honey buns is definitely the answer! Problem though, what is a “good” date night for an anniversary that isn’t entirely “cheapo status?”

We’ve had more than enough of movie night and takeout so anything that is you know, miles from that type of idea would be great. We can’t do anything too difficult thanks to this watermelon in my belly and it needs to be close to home and not too late since we have our lil’ man to think about (Yes he’s almost 2 & no I will never leave him over night anywhere until he’s like 30 – and that’s if he’s lucky).

Thanks to this pregnancy I’m overly picky about, well everything, so if I could pretty much plan out the entire anniversary date that’d be fabulous – did I ask the Man how he feels about that yet? – nope and I’m not going to! I figure while Googling some ideas for my “ballin’ on a budget date” I should also keep tabs of ideas to do in the future. With two little ones and all those diapers to buy, I doubt anything Ichiban status is going to arrive soon.

With that, here are our top 3 ideas (because I broke down and had to collaborate with the Man as he’s sitting here next to me all sick and stuff – had to cut him some slack):

  1. Red’s Old 395 Grill (a yummy local eatery) has these AMAZING GINORMOUS chicken wings and deep fried cheesecake that we both adore! Going out for that and then –ugh I know I said no but – a matinee would be doable. The only reason that a matinee is okay is because TMNT is coming out August 8th..don’t judge!
  2. The Groupon date! <<oh yes she did!>> So I pretty much am hooked to Groupon, LivingSocial, and all that jazz. I figured a potential idea: we each have a budget of $xyz. I’ll be in charge of picking a place to eat (my tastes seem to change quite frequently, I boycotted chicken the first 3 months of this pregnancy so..)and a gift for my Man, and he’ll be in charge of finding some activity for us and a gift for Mwah! It’s easy, it’s cheap, but it’s still good stuff!
  3.  Become tourists! It’s never a bad thing to go local! I’ve been wanting to check out the West Street Market in Reno, NV. Apparently there are some great local places to eat at and get some souvenirs aka unique anniversary gifts.

    Photo Credit: Awful Awful & Fries

    If all else fails, we can hit up the Nugget for the famous Awful Awful (oh yea, you know you want some!)

So tell me, what are some frugal yet entertaining date night ideas you guys have done or have wanted to check out?

Ballin’ On a Budget Date + Once a Year Event = Don’t Mind If I Do!


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