Oh Yeah, Throwin My Neighborhood in the Air!

Depressing fact:  Carson City is the capital of Nevada, yet there are not many options for family activities. Bummer! We find ourselves in Reno quite often because there’s really nothing going on over here. I am all about supporting local events and representing my neighborhood whenever I can, but it’s so hard when it feels like there’s nowhere to take my lil’ Man around here. Because of that, I am always on the lookout and search for some budget-friendly events that our whole family can do in this area. Or, most importantly, that are terrible-2’s-hit-us-early friendly.

This weekend I am happy to report that we got lucky!

The Nevada Fair was held here over a course of 5 days. There were lions, tigers, and bears (okay, just lions – Hollywood lions that is), carnival rides, and the usual NV fair stuff – rodeo entertainment and livestock. Various booths were also out with locals selling their goods, a few California food stands (Nevada folks where you at?), and major companies were out trying to get some new customers.

The best part, majority of the events were FREE! Of course we were all over the fair because I like free fun family activities that are close to home. It was fun to check out the animals (although I swear that cow smell is stuck on me), and walk around the carnival.Photo Source Kalani really only liked staring at the lights and refused to try any rides but that’s okay. Maybe next year!

We did pay a whopping $3 to get Kalani a wristband for unlimited use on a bounce house. He at first was stuck in a corner of the bounce house because all the bigger kids were a bit intimidating (any Mamas ever get anxious when their babies are in those and the big kiddies come all Tarzan like?). He finally got out of his shell (thanks to a super nice little boy who took the time to help Kalani climb up and around) and he went on the slide! Then we couldn’t get him off. Aren’t little kids funny? So timid until BAM! Then there’s no stopping them!

Another great event coming this week, National Night Out! Going down at Mills Park, 5 – 8 p.m. For those who have never been, it’s basically a bunch of awesome activities put on by local emergency responders (thank you all for your service!) and it’s all free. Ka-ching! I plan on heading on out as my lil’ Man loves all the trucks! Plus, there’s free hot dogs and soda. Seriously, we’d be crazy not to go. This week, take your little ones out to some local event in your neighborhood.

(2)free family events + this week =  worn out toddler = happy Mama!


Photo Source


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