Playdough Gonna’ Play

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and my toddler thinks I’m boring! We didn’t get to go out for our usual walk to the park today because of the rain coming down. While I’m happy he knows our schedule, I’m sad right now because he’s been sitting in front of the sliding glass door all pouty with his puppy just staring out. Time for some mom intervention!

To the pantry I marched! Luckily, I had all the right ingredients to make him some playdough! I know he’s not even 2 yet, but I’m trying to expose him to colors, letters, and numbers right now. homemade playdoughThis week we’re all about the color green and the letter A (so far, we’re just doing ABC & 123). I whipped up some green playdough for him and he slowly came out of his slumber and started playing.

Now, I know that Play-Doh from say Target, is about $0.50 a container which is definitely not breaking the bank, BUT if you’re like me (uncertified germophobe), then you usually toss the Play-Doh as soon as it has nasty yucky grimy remnants in it. That being said, the cost of Play-Doh alone can add up so I do think you should try to make your own. It’s super easy and the little ones can help make it too! I have yet to try the glow-in-the-dark versions or scented ones, so on the to-do list that will go.

A while ago I got a giant box of plastic cookie cutters for $0.25 at a yard sale. I usually match up the colors of the cookie cutters to the color of playdough we’re working with to encourage color matching. For instance, this week, most of the toys that are out and about in the house are all green because that is the color we are focusing on! More on that later… Kalani really likes the cookie cutters but he gets bored eventually.

This morning I found an Alphabet Playdough Mat FREE printable. Score! I printed out the one for the letter “a” and inserted it into a sheet protector I had – voila! Yet another fun activity for my lil’ Man that allowed us to spend some good quality time together. My fav! The mats are courtesy of Becky at This Reading Momma. She has inspired me to attempt to make some of my own – one day! Kalani is currently learning Spanish and Hawaiian from his grandmas so it’ll fun to make some mats in the second languages too – look forward to that in the future!

Let me know if anyone has made their own playdough (plain, scented, glitterized) and if there’s any creative ways you guys use to play with it!

cheap diy playdough + rainy day = good quality Mama & lil’ Man time!


Playdough photo source


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