Just Keep Rolling – Rolling – Rolling

Who has a smelly house? Smelly car? Dirty dishes? Not me!!! 20140806_163318That’s because I scored major at Savemart this past weekend. Not that I’m bragging – okay, maybe just a wee bit – but I got PAID $0.21 to take 11 Febreeze sprays, 5 Dawn dish detergents, and 9 Febreeze car cling-thingies (Hawaiian Aloha smells fab) from my local grocery store. That’s 25 items for about $0.00 each..go ahead, reread if you want, I’ll wait. *whistles*

Now, close your jaw. Good. I bet you’re all wondering how in the world did I do that?! Don’t worry, I’m still pretty amazed, but I’ll get to that in a second. First and foremost, I want to be able to help everyone understand the concept of saving money while grocery shopping. This for my family, has helped tremendously. I’d like to share my newbie adventures with you all to show everyone the “not-so-extreme” side to couponing. I’ll be honest, if you’ve watched TLC’s Extreme Couponing show and think that happens every time, you’re highly mistaken! Remember, it was all done for entertaining purposes. Are extreme savings possible? Yes – obviously from my breakdown up above. Does it happen each and every time? No, not really. At least not for me, but maybe it’s because I’m not fully devoted to hours of clipping coupons and dumpster diving (for the record, I’m actually not devoted to dumpster diving, like, at all).

So, let’s get down to business and let you all know how I saved so much money! Basically, stores sometimes run amazing deals that when coupled with coupons and time you can score great products at amazing prices. The deal I took advantage of last weekend was at Savemart. They had a promotion of buy 5 select P&G products, get a $10 catalina (coupon that prints at register) to use on your next transaction. Luckily I had numerous BOGO (buy one get one) coupons for ANY Febreeze product and for the Dawn dish detergent. So, to town I went!

My initial purchase was four Febreeze and one Dawn that totaled $9.79 including tax. From that, I got the20140804_160138 (1) - Copy $10 catalina which you can see at your left. Then, I literally just kept rolling – rolling – rolling that catalina and the rest of my coupons in separate transactions until I finished. At the end, I got another $10 catalina which I plan on using pretty soon as I need to go grocery shopping.

Here’s some insight to couponer lingo that took me a moment to understand. When couponers say they got their items for FREE, their usually talking before tax because you always have to pay tax. Very rarely are there instances where there’s “moneymakers” and the store gives you cash back. When I first started trying to coupon to save money on groceries I would get so frustrated because I was paying something when everyone else said they got things for free. That’s why! For this example, that is what is going on.

Breaking it down even more:  originally I paid $9.79 for my first transaction, with each following transaction I paid 20140804_235257 - Copypennies for the tax but I’m not counting tax toward my OOP (out of pocket), and in the end I got a $10 catalina to use on whatever I want. That catalina basically washes the original $9.79 that I paid and results in the $0.21 “moneymaker.” Hopefully this helps clarify some things for a lot of people who have always wondered. It took me a while to grasp how all the lingo worked and the situations came out.

If anyone has any questions about what I did or other couponing conundrums just leave in the comments below!

5 transactions + 30 minutes of clipping coupons = $0.21 moneymaker


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