Know Really! The No Spend Challenge

Just saying the title alone gives me the shivers. Can you believe there are people out there who take these month-long or even year-long challenges where they only spend on…NECESSITIES!? I know right? I presented this idea to my BF tonight and I got an awkward glare and a “no way!” But, I think it’s genius! We have a baby coming in 7 weeks, so while most people are doing the challenge for 30 days, I’m going to attempt to be brave and declare that WE shall take the challenge until baby #2 comesstop spending (so little one, if you want to come early feel free, just not too early). I’m sure he’ll get on the bandwagon with me – eventually!

Our no spend month – ish (also known by others as a fiscal fast) will hopefully help us to gain some extra savings for when this new one comes. When our first baby came, we had two very good incomes coming in and “saving” wasn’t really a big deal. I was just ready with “everything a new parent needs.” Now I feel totally NOT prepared. How does that happen? Then again, is anyone ever totally prepared when a new baby is coming? Nope! So I don’t feel THAT horrible.

For our no spend challenge, I think it’s essential to have a plan. So, just like a diet, this challenge will start on Monday the (oh my dear, what is the date on Monday?!) ..the…11th! I promise, I have one day to convince the Man that this is a good idea – wish me luck! Here’s my quick, off the top of my head breakdown for the no spend challenge:

  1. The biggie:  only essential purchases! Meaning, nothing frivolous. Meaning, I should probably avoid window shopping and going online for a while. Sighs.
  2. No eating out (perhaps we’ll do one last meal tomorrow? Is that horrible? Kind of defeats the purpose huh?)
  3. Grocery shop for basics – nothing fancy.
  4. Careful with gas – this means no random unnecessary trips, no running the car’s a/c just because we can when we’re parked, and more carpooling.
  5. Create a reward for the end! I know, that seems a bit odd but I found this idea from Jessi at the “budget mama” and really liked it. Most of the posts I’ve seen involving “no spend challenges” were only about saving saving saving! But this idea of having something to look forward too will definitely make this challenge much more easier and fun I think.

Stay tuned for updates on our no spend challenge for the next 7 weeks! If anyone has any tips please leave them below!

no spend idea + uneager BF = challenge accepted

keep calm photo source


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