Where Did the Day Go?!

No seriously?! It’s already 9:30PM! I have an hour and a half left until I NEED to be asleep (seriously, I could stay up later but then I wouldn’t function properly tomorrow) and I still have about a million more things to get done! Ughhh…

Does this ever happen to you? You wake up, think of everything you’re going to accomplish, and then before you know it the bedtime routines have begun and you’re debating:  should I sweep the floors real quick or start that last load of laundry or work on this or that etc… That’s very much me today, yesterday, and pretty much the last few months.

I have my planners but I can’t seem to stay on track and get everything done! I need more hours in my day. I have officially decided that. I feel so frazzled and to put it plainly – BLAH! tired momI can’t tell you what I ate for dinner – did I even eat dinner? Nor can I give you a great understanding of what happened today. This is NOT a good thing..silly brain please reboot and start working again!

How do I fix this problem? Here’s an idea that I came across, the Rise & Shine 10-Day Free Challenge provided by @ShawnLFink, the mastermind behind the Abundant Mama site. Basically, she’s going to help us with awesome emails on how to “get more sleep, rise early and take care of [ourselves] before

photo credit

the world wakes.” Love it! Sign me up! ~ Oh wait, I already did!

I’m very excited about this and wish it started like tomorrow but patience is a virtue so I will wait until the 18th for it to officially begin. I’m really hoping to get encouraged by this challenge because lately I feel like I’ve just forgotten about myself and that’s no fun. I need to be able to encourage those around me and have my biz together for my family. That can’t happen if I’m all frumpy Franny and sleep Sally!

If you’re feeling like me and need a refresher, head on over and sign up for the challenge too! We can do this – yes we can!!!


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