What Does the Sun Do?!

Today’s lesson was last minute and totally unplanned and I feel like such a bad mama but that’s life I guess. Anyways, every morning as I get myself and the babes ready I have an “educational tv show” on for Kalani to watch (to all the kids watching tv haters out there – shush!). This morning he chose “Sid the Science Kid” and watched the episode “Special Sunny Dad Day.”



& thus today’s lesson was born – have you guessed yet what we talked about pretty much all day? The sun! That’s right. Just like the show, Kalani HAD to, & I mean HAD to as in begged, pleaded, and maybe even threw a bit of a temper tantrum to do the activity like Sid did. I asked Kalani at first what he thinks the sun does and his response was:  “Hurt my eyes.” That so was not what I was going for so I immediately started our project.

It was a preschool science lesson in why we have to put sunblock on and about what does the sun do. It was really easy and required only two major items:  sunblock and a piece of construction paper. sunscreen projectHave your little smother a “design” with the sunblock onto a sheet of construction paper, leave it out all day in the sun and observe what happens to the paper.

You’ll find that the area where sunblock was is the same starting color, and where there is no sunblock the paper has dramatically faded. Not sure if his two year old mind grasped the concept still but he was pretty excited to show daddy his “science project” when daddy got home. He even attempted to show daddy how to properly put on sunscreen (note to self:  don’t leave lotion bottles out unless I want a huge cleanup project-again).

Since this was last minute and lil sissy Malia was extra fussy today, we had to keep our learning activities quick and simple. We played outside of course so he could practice putting on sunblock (can that be considered our sensory activity for the day?), we played “sunshine says” like the show (just like simon says) and would run from the shade to the sun, played with yellow playdough to make our own suns, and of course sang some songs! There’s the good ol “Oh Mr. Sun” song and the like but I also came up with one (I can be creative at times):

(think:  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

Sunshine sunshine what do you do

You give us light and warm us too

You melt the snow from Lake Tahoe

& shine on down to help plants grow

Sunshine sunshine what do you do

You help the world & I thank you

It’s cheesy but it got the job done today! Ask your littles what they think the sun does and leave their responses below!


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