La Posada Real Carson City

Just a disclaimer:  this post is SUPER late! We went to this restaurant a few months ago, I snapped the pictures, and then kept saying to myself, “I will post, I will post,” and then I never did until NOW! Finally, cross this off my to do list.

Anyways, one night many many moons ago, my ma, the boyfriend, the boyfriend’s bro (which my son cutely also calls bro), KoloheKalani and Miss Malia Joy all went in like a starving bunch into La Posada Real in Carson City. At the time, the restaurant was newish to the area (although I’m 99% positive that the same owners have a place in Reno too) so we decided to try it instead of Olive Garden. Local versus big chain bring it on!!

GREAT DECISION let me tell you! First off, it surpassed all of our expectations mkay?! Thier chips and salsa 20150307_183415was really good and flavorful. The chips were nice and thin and not thick and brick-like to where your teeth are going to pop off. Another plus was they just kept the chips and salsa coming! None of that one order then we charge you junkity junk like some other places. You’re the real MVP La Posada Real!

Okay moving on…My ma is extremely picky about everything (she’s one of those who always thinks:  I can do that better) and she was in love with her enchiladas. My bf comes from a very old school household and his mom frowns upon anything canned. He’s had authentic homemade Mexican food since he was conceived okay. He loved it! Bro didn’t even have a chance to breathe before scarfing his meal down – believe he got a chimichanga which was HUGE. & I was pleasantly surprised that my shrimp cocktailIMG_20150307_185058 was so FULL of shrimp and fresh flavor! No offense but some  uhm…how do I put this…well seasoned Mexican restaurants in the area have been a bit stingy I was kind of expecting only a couple pieces of dingy shrimp in a bowl of tomato biz but I was wrong. It was amazing! Actually I’m still craving this stuff…no one tell Mama Munoz!

Now onto the kids’ review. I know what you’re thinking, Malia is barely 8 months old now how old could she have been then? & Kolohe Kalani is 2 so really how can they provide a good review..? Well well well my friend read on! We got sat in a corner of the bar where there was a sweet looking older gentleman performing. I thought really people we have a baby and you put us here in the loudest part of the restaurant? Okay…well that man’s voice put Miss Malia Joy to sleep so quick I was tempted to take her back the next day just so she could deep sleep again! Kolohe Kalani also had a blast dancing with his Gramma . It was great for me because then I could actually eat my food and not have to worry about him bothering other people with his pent up energy in the booth. That aside, he ate most of the rice on all of our plates (yes he’s going through THAT stage) and that says a lot.

Anyways, short review gone rambling. I’d definitely recommend this place and would go again! Let me know if you have gone and what you got! ~ I’m always looking for suggestions!

ps:  you must try the deep fried ice cream! IMG_20150307_192222We ordered two for the table and it was just the right amount of SAWEET!


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