WEEK ONE May 16 Vegan Attempt

*WARNING:  this is a super late post but I felt it important to get it out because you know..it’s like a diary thing.

  • Week one menu included:
    • Breakfast
      • Banana Pineapple Spinach Smoothie
      • Watermelon Monomeal
    • Lunch
      • Grapes & oranges
      • Iceberg salad with 2 apples, walnuts, Craisins, & raspberry hazelnut vinaigrette
    • Snacks
      • 2 Bananas with 2 T. peanut butter
    • Dinner – each dinner started with a romaine salad with tomatoes & cucumbers
      • Rice & broccoli
      • Potato wedges & 3 corn on the cobs

Okay so before I started this vegan journey I would “meal prep” in a sense. My version was I would basically pick 2 or 3 “types” of breakfast/lunch/dinner and make enough for the whole week. This was easier for me because of how busy I am during the week and with meals ready it saved us money from getting the dreaded MickeyDs…no offense if you’re into that. I didn’t want to get rid of this habit altogether because it was a working successful system for me and with two littles that was huge!

With this vegan adventure lifestyle change I planned on doing the same thing. My plan was to only switch out breakfasts for a month then switch to lunches then finally dinners – essentially a 12ish week plan. BUT…as you can see from the menu above I just jumped right in! Do I regret it? No! Do I wish I had planned better? YES! Anyways, moving on…

My Munoz*Lambert family (#MuLaFam) loved the breakfasts. Per – pretty much everyone’s suggestion online – we started our day with 32 ounces of water (Kalani got a few sips from me). For me it took a while to drink it all – about 30 minutes – because I can’t just chug it all down. Eric on the other hand was usually running late in the morning so he’d chug his water and grab his food on the way out. Whatever works for you – do you!

No lunch was a major fail for me! For one…I didn’t think about just “how much” I’d have to eat in order to make sure I was getting in enough calories so 1. I wouldn’t get headaches & 2. I’d have enough so my milk supply wouldn’t drop (tmi? sorry kinda). Chewing so many grapes was something I wasn’t used to. Eating 2 or 3 oranges at a time really hurt my teeth for some reason. Future lesson – maybe just juice them. The first day I had just a salad for lunch I made way too much. Because I saw people on Youtube posting that they’d eat like a whole head of lettuce I thought I had to as well – wrong! I couldn’t! I literally made a whole head of iceberg/ lettuce, chopped up 2 apples and sprinkled the rest of the yummies on and ate almost half. I wasted it and was really upset. I tried snacking on it the rest of the day but I was just not into it.

Snacks: there was peanut butter involved…should I really say more?

Dinners was fine for me and I had no complaints. I did start with SMALLER salads for myself, Eric, and Kalani. While it was okay for the adults (& yes I did eat mine with ranch, I am on the search for an alternative that I enjoy) Kalani was not having it. He’s never been a big veggie eater, hence the challenge of this change. Even the cooked veggies I had made for us was a struggle to get down for him. Feeding veggies to him will definitely take time.

Also, week one I was already challenged with eating out! Eric’s sister Marisol was heading to Vegas for the weekend – lucky goose – and took us to lunch before she left. I googled some “vegan options” in the area and found there are two places that we could have gone. But that would have been too easy and I like challenges! So we went to Ihop – which according to the boards I was reading – “is not very vegan friendly and no one should go there ever.” CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I ordered hash browns with all the veggies they had and an English muffin sans butter. I topped my hash browns with lots of Tabasco sauce and jellied up my muffins – it was delic! Next time though – I need to get a double order because this mama was still hungry! I’m a chubby DON’T judge me. =)

Now I know people will be complaining that the grills over there have meat grease on them and lalalalala .. listen people…let me share my little thought on this kay?! I’m not THAT strict about things because I’m just starting out. Plus, I feel like if “vegans” want big chains to accommodate them then they really need to kill them with kindness. From personal experience in customer service when I had a customer who was upfront nice and they had an issue – it was MUCH easier to accommodate them and fix whatever they needed. If they upfront were rude and snarky and trying to educate me about how to do my job – well it was much more difficult to keep my smile plastered on my face okay… Basically, if I’m wanting NO animal byproducts on my biz then I will be strict at home. But when going out I need to understand the business I’m going to and the people who are working there. Thankfully my waitress was super nice and understanding so ordering how I did wasn’t a problem. Should I experience less than superior service elsewhere I’ll have to just go with the flow – even though dead fish go with the flow but still!

Anyways – some takeaways from week one’s change:

  1. I need a Vitamix! Okay I don’t NEED one but thanks to some Youtube stalking that I may or may not have done I really really REALLY want one! Future investment? I think so!
  2. I need to figure out some meals that I like and then add in “new” ones to try on weekends. That way I’m not stuck with food I don’t like for the whole week.
  3. Citrus fruits in bulk is a NO go for me. I need to either juice them (yet another kitchen gadget I now need hehee) or just eat like one..

So, week one down and onto week two. Does anyone have any easy vegan recipes they suggest I try?


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