7 Tips for Eliminating Interview Nervousness

Confession! I am great at customer service, I make killer presentations, I even used to be a drama leader. But for some reason interviews make me so nervous. It’s like a first date for me really. I get the initial invite and butterflies flourish in my stomach. I research everything about the company, I plan my outfit (sometimes two) the night before, I eat a great breakfast, and then the time arrives and my palms get sweaty and my brain decides to check out!

Because of this and my desire to go somewhere in life, I’ve decided I really need a strategy to overcome the nervousness. I brainstormed about all the advice I’ve ever received. I searched “professional interview tips” and clicked on the top three websites I found. I listed, erased, added, then dwindled my list to the following tips for eliminating nervousness at an interview:

  1. Research – Do this by more than just Google. Today’s big and small companies are catching onto the social media craze. This allows the job seeker to get insight to a company in more ways than one. Their company website will tell you all the highlights but looking at their Instagram page, Twitter, and sometimes even Youtube will tell you a whole lot more.
  2. Practice – It makes perfect. When I was involved in acting and writing skits, we would host practices numerous times a week when a big show was coming up. We wanted everything to be perfect and flawless. Same goes for interviewing. If we don’t practice we may never find our weak spot. If possible, practice with numerous people and really listen to their criticisms.
  3. Press and Dress – I’ve always heard to dress one notch above the normal work wear for a company. Do this but also remember to iron iron iron!!!! People can see wrinkles and lack of care a mile away!
  4. Everyone matters – Mini story time. When I worked at Greater Nevada on the teller line we would have potential candidates come in with their applications. You’d think they’d at least be nice and friendly to us being we were possibly their future co-workers but honestly some of them just didn’t seem to care…& they were never heard from again.
  5. Questions – A simple web search yields many generic questions, but if you fall back on tip number 1 you’ll gain some unique and helpful ones along the way.
  6. Follow up – My last semester in college I attended numerous networking events. Every recruiter there stated that if they really enjoyed an applicant but never got a follow up thank you note they were out. Nuff’ said.
  7. Be persistent – No matter if it’s your first interview or your 100th, keep selling who you are and be true to yourself. Sometimes companies are looking for more than just your past; they want to know you’ll fit perfect into their culture and sense of family. Keep being you until the right one comes along!

Thanks for stopping by and let me know in the comments below what other tips you’ve found helpful or have read over and over about so  you assume they must be good!


Boneless Buffalo Wings – Vegan Style

Something about putting the words boneless and wings in the same sentence as vegan seems so wrong. But i did it so sue me. This past weekend I finally got on board with the cauliflower “is so amazing” craze and I made “faux” boneless buffalo wings. Which I guess I can just call them cauliflower bits covered in hot sauce because that’s really what they were and anything else just seems…weird.

I do apologize in advance because my phone hated me this weekend (or maybe it was giving me a hint to lay off the technology I don’t know really) and I could not get a good shot in of my dinner so bear with me. Or veg with me since we’re trying to be ‘animal free!’

Now onto the more important stuff!

I got the recipe for cauliflower buffalo wings from Popsugar.com and made two minor adjustments. I used regular flour versus the garbanzo bean and maybe used 2 Tbsp of Earth Balance instead of the 1 tsp of butter. It was good though so I’m not complaining! Oh yea…and I fried my delicious morsels instead of baked them. I justified this because:  a.) This was kind of like a cheat meal & b.) I already needed oil for my french fries so I mean why waste the oven energy and bother dirtying a pan?! Lazy cook or smart cook – you decide.

Personally I thought these were bomb and pretty much ate all of them. For the littles I fried theirs and just didn’t toss in the wing sauce and they were all about that cauliflower life. Bossman on the other hand was not very into it. This was odd to me because every fake meat I’ve tried so far he has enjoyed and I well, barfed. One day we will agree! Until then, let me know in the comments below if you have any more awesome cauliflower recipes I should try! And as always, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram:  @hmklambert


I Can’t Get Down With Naked

And by “Naked” I mean the green monster $9.99 funky kind of naked. I have a problem. Green juices make me gag. No joke. It’s not pretty, it’s not cute, it’s not even funny really. It’s just SAD! It started when I decided to embark on the Daniel Fast with my peeps over at C5 Church. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was preggers and so everything I ate welp came back up – this included the Green Machine by the infamous Naked!

Ever since then I just can’t really sip on and enjoy a green juice. Granted the only ones I have tried are store bought so maybe that’s my issue? Not sure and I honestly would have never cared if it weren’t for the fact that I’m trying to be a healthier bright greater example of my former self and therefore NEED greens to probably survive.

My present solution? IMG_20150829_102938Take shots of green juice at each meal with a liquid H20 chaser. So far it’s working but I do feel childish. Maybe I’ll even follow it up with a bite on a lime wedge if I’m feeling swanky. The kids love Naked and Odwalla but me and my taste buds are another issue.

Perhaps I shall try green powders. Anyone have suggestions for different juices/powders to try or is this just a #newveganproblem; therefore, I’ll need to put on my big girl panties and carry on?! Cue the “Some Nights”album!

Basic Baked Eggplant is Nothing to Frown Upon

Basic. It’s not really a flattering word to some but for me it’s simplicity. I am really enjoying this Raw til 4 idea and while I’m not 100% sticking to it on most days I find it quite nice. Having mainly fruit and fruit and then a little bit more fruit if I’m feeling adventurous is quite easy during the day especially because it’s been in the high 90s.

My issue as of late – finding dinner inspiration. You see, having a Manly Man who insists he needs meat is quite difficult when also trying to find new vegan recipes for me to try. Guess that will be on hold for a while because for some reason I have yet to master the weekly meal planning objective yet.

This weeks meals are going to be basic though and I’m not even ashamed. You see, a few days ago I posted on my Instagram (feel free to follow @hmklambert) what I had for dinner. Baked eggplant with rice and marinara sauce. So easy. So simple. So BASIC but so good!!! Kalani helped make the eggplant which I think is why he ate so much. Malia…well she’s just a garbage disposal so she had no issue eating. I served these alongside some salmon I made for the Manly Man and he had no complaints. Cooking those veggies as a “side” for the fam but a “main” for me caused a light bulb to shine. I realized I am making this whole meal planning vegan eating thing way too difficult.

Starting a vegan journey is only as difficult and boring as we make it to be. And along the way there’s nothing wrong with a BASIC kind of meal because sometimes those are the wisest most delicious ones! Hence my journey of basic dinners for the rest of my life! Mwahahaha – okay maybe not but at least for this week it’s what’s going down.

Here’s what I did for my eggplant (served 2 adults, a picky toddler, and a baby) – feel free to try it and let me know what you think!


2 beautiful eggplants (don’t forget to stare in awe at them while at the grocery store – it’s what I did)
3 cups Italian bread crumbs
Enough EVOO to dip eggplant (anyone else forever here Rachel Ray’s voice when they see this?)

What You Gotta Do:
Heat oven to 400 degrees and oil a cookie sheet
Peel and slice eggplants so they’re not too thick but not too thin – go with that you like
Dip sliced eggplants into EVOO then shake em up like a Polaroid in the bread crumbs – preferably in a sealed bag (I’m sure you could calmly just place the eggplant onto a plate and then flip and be done but my son insisted this method was the best)
Place covered slices onto greasy pan and bake for like 20 minutes. I flipped mine halfway through because of my gas oven and I was paranoid – okay confession over.
Take out, place over rice, cover with heated marinara sauce and eat til you’re content!