Basic Baked Eggplant is Nothing to Frown Upon

Basic. It’s not really a flattering word to some but for me it’s simplicity. I am really enjoying this Raw til 4 idea and while I’m not 100% sticking to it on most days I find it quite nice. Having mainly fruit and fruit and then a little bit more fruit if I’m feeling adventurous is quite easy during the day especially because it’s been in the high 90s.

My issue as of late – finding dinner inspiration. You see, having a Manly Man who insists he needs meat is quite difficult when also trying to find new vegan recipes for me to try. Guess that will be on hold for a while because for some reason I have yet to master the weekly meal planning objective yet.

This weeks meals are going to be basic though and I’m not even ashamed. You see, a few days ago I posted on my Instagram (feel free to follow @hmklambert) what I had for dinner. Baked eggplant with rice and marinara sauce. So easy. So simple. So BASIC but so good!!! Kalani helped make the eggplant which I think is why he ate so much. Malia…well she’s just a garbage disposal so she had no issue eating. I served these alongside some salmon I made for the Manly Man and he had no complaints. Cooking those veggies as a “side” for the fam but a “main” for me caused a light bulb to shine. I realized I am making this whole meal planning vegan eating thing way too difficult.

Starting a vegan journey is only as difficult and boring as we make it to be. And along the way there’s nothing wrong with a BASIC kind of meal because sometimes those are the wisest most delicious ones! Hence my journey of basic dinners for the rest of my life! Mwahahaha – okay maybe not but at least for this week it’s what’s going down.

Here’s what I did for my eggplant (served 2 adults, a picky toddler, and a baby) – feel free to try it and let me know what you think!


2 beautiful eggplants (don’t forget to stare in awe at them while at the grocery store – it’s what I did)
3 cups Italian bread crumbs
Enough EVOO to dip eggplant (anyone else forever here Rachel Ray’s voice when they see this?)

What You Gotta Do:
Heat oven to 400 degrees and oil a cookie sheet
Peel and slice eggplants so they’re not too thick but not too thin – go with that you like
Dip sliced eggplants into EVOO then shake em up like a Polaroid in the bread crumbs – preferably in a sealed bag (I’m sure you could calmly just place the eggplant onto a plate and then flip and be done but my son insisted this method was the best)
Place covered slices onto greasy pan and bake for like 20 minutes. I flipped mine halfway through because of my gas oven and I was paranoid – okay confession over.
Take out, place over rice, cover with heated marinara sauce and eat til you’re content!


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