Boneless Buffalo Wings – Vegan Style

Something about putting the words boneless and wings in the same sentence as vegan seems so wrong. But i did it so sue me. This past weekend I finally got on board with the cauliflower “is so amazing” craze and I made “faux” boneless buffalo wings. Which I guess I can just call them cauliflower bits covered in hot sauce because that’s really what they were and anything else just seems…weird.

I do apologize in advance because my phone hated me this weekend (or maybe it was giving me a hint to lay off the technology I don’t know really) and I could not get a good shot in of my dinner so bear with me. Or veg with me since we’re trying to be ‘animal free!’

Now onto the more important stuff!

I got the recipe for cauliflower buffalo wings from and made two minor adjustments. I used regular flour versus the garbanzo bean and maybe used 2 Tbsp of Earth Balance instead of the 1 tsp of butter. It was good though so I’m not complaining! Oh yea…and I fried my delicious morsels instead of baked them. I justified this because:  a.) This was kind of like a cheat meal & b.) I already needed oil for my french fries so I mean why waste the oven energy and bother dirtying a pan?! Lazy cook or smart cook – you decide.

Personally I thought these were bomb and pretty much ate all of them. For the littles I fried theirs and just didn’t toss in the wing sauce and they were all about that cauliflower life. Bossman on the other hand was not very into it. This was odd to me because every fake meat I’ve tried so far he has enjoyed and I well, barfed. One day we will agree! Until then, let me know in the comments below if you have any more awesome cauliflower recipes I should try! And as always, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram:  @hmklambert



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