7 Tips for Eliminating Interview Nervousness

Confession! I am great at customer service, I make killer presentations, I even used to be a drama leader. But for some reason interviews make me so nervous. It’s like a first date for me really. I get the initial invite and butterflies flourish in my stomach. I research everything about the company, I plan my outfit (sometimes two) the night before, I eat a great breakfast, and then the time arrives and my palms get sweaty and my brain decides to check out!

Because of this and my desire to go somewhere in life, I’ve decided I really need a strategy to overcome the nervousness. I brainstormed about all the advice I’ve ever received. I searched “professional interview tips” and clicked on the top three websites I found. I listed, erased, added, then dwindled my list to the following tips for eliminating nervousness at an interview:

  1. Research – Do this by more than just Google. Today’s big and small companies are catching onto the social media craze. This allows the job seeker to get insight to a company in more ways than one. Their company website will tell you all the highlights but looking at their Instagram page, Twitter, and sometimes even Youtube will tell you a whole lot more.
  2. Practice – It makes perfect. When I was involved in acting and writing skits, we would host practices numerous times a week when a big show was coming up. We wanted everything to be perfect and flawless. Same goes for interviewing. If we don’t practice we may never find our weak spot. If possible, practice with numerous people and really listen to their criticisms.
  3. Press and Dress – I’ve always heard to dress one notch above the normal work wear for a company. Do this but also remember to iron iron iron!!!! People can see wrinkles and lack of care a mile away!
  4. Everyone matters – Mini story time. When I worked at Greater Nevada on the teller line we would have potential candidates come in with their applications. You’d think they’d at least be nice and friendly to us being we were possibly their future co-workers but honestly some of them just didn’t seem to care…& they were never heard from again.
  5. Questions – A simple web search yields many generic questions, but if you fall back on tip number 1 you’ll gain some unique and helpful ones along the way.
  6. Follow up – My last semester in college I attended numerous networking events. Every recruiter there stated that if they really enjoyed an applicant but never got a follow up thank you note they were out. Nuff’ said.
  7. Be persistent – No matter if it’s your first interview or your 100th, keep selling who you are and be true to yourself. Sometimes companies are looking for more than just your past; they want to know you’ll fit perfect into their culture and sense of family. Keep being you until the right one comes along!

Thanks for stopping by and let me know in the comments below what other tips you’ve found helpful or have read over and over about so  you assume they must be good!


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